The Big Sick (2017) Director: Michael Showalter

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A couple deals with their cultural differences as their relationship grows.

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    Sophia Muller

    Chrissy (uncredited)

  • Cast crew large

    Jack Corrigan

    Restaurant Boy (uncredited)

  • Cast crew large

    Zach Cherry

    Party Goer 4

  • Cast crew large

    Keilly McQuail

    Party Goer 3

  • Cast crew large

    Lauren Patten

    Party Goer 2

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    Emily V. Gordon

  • Cast crew large


    Robert Nassau

  • Cast crew large

    Costume Design

    Sarah Mae Burton

  • Cast crew large

    Production Design

    Brandon Tonner-Connolly

  • Cast crew large

    Director of Photography

    Brian Burgoyne

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